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Choose The Best Alternative 1

Choose the best alternative to fill the gap in each of the following sentences.
1 Even though l had studied a lot, l felt a bit before
the exam.
A irritated B nervous C furious D angry
2 l was really when l heard they were safe.
A confused B upset C lucky D relieved
3 They were when they heard the good news.
A astonished B upset C irritated D cross
4 Some of his films can be really
A terrifying B terrified C scared D excited
5 l was when she told me she had ruined my best
A irritating B nervous C furious D glad
6 Who Mary to the party?
A did invite B invited C invites D inviting
7 Can you tell! me how to the tourist office?
A do l get B getting C get D get
8 that we should catch the next bus?
A Are you agree B You agree C Do you agree D Agree you
9 Do you know a train to Liverpool from this
A if there is B is there C there is D is
10 VVhat time ?
A your plane arrives B arrives your plane
C does your plane arrive D do your plane arrive
11 have you been to the USA?
A How many time B How many times C How much D How long
12 You used to go hang gliding, ?
A hadn't you B don't you C used you D didn't you
13 Let's go bungee jumping, ?
A shall we B let we C do we D are we
14 She ..... her motorbike and rode off.
A got into B got out of C got on D got off

15 We'd better hurry or we’ll the bus.
A lose B catch C get on D miss
16 live bought a to Bristol because I’m not coming back
By train.
A first class B single C one way D return
17 One reason why so many people died in the Titanic
disaster is that there were not enough lifeboats and
A life-belts B seat-belts C cabins D yachts
18 We are supposed to be at the airport to an hour and
a half before our plane takes off.
A check out B check on C check over D check in
19 l'm sure they'll enjoy their to Thailand even if she is
nervous about flying.
A travel B trip C voyage D journey
20 l asked for information in the tourist office, but the girl
there was extremely rude and
A helpless B helpful C unhelpful D unhelpfully
21 She's a very pleasant girl.
A likely B likeness C unlikely D likeable
22 She repeated the course last year and got an 'A' in
the final examination.
A successful B successfully C unsuccessful D unsuccessfully
23 l don't mind if people are not very good at their jobs,
but l can't stand
A dishonesty B dishonestly C dishonest D honesty
24 Don't your own abilities. l'm sure you'll do very well
in the exam.
A estimate B overestimate C underestimate D overrate
25 Owning a hotel near a good beach can be a very
A profit B profiting C profitable D profitably

Key: Unit 1 test
1 B; 2 D; 3 A; 4 A; 5 C; 6 B; 7 D; 8 C; 9 A; 10 C;
11 B; 12 D; 13 A; 14 C; 15 D; 16 B; 17 A; 18 D; 19 B;
20 C; 21 D; 22 B; 23 A; 24 C; 25 C

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