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Choose The Best Alternative 13

Unit 13 test
Choose the best alternative to fill the gap in each of the following sentences.
1 I'll have to sit down and rest for a moment. I'm
completely out.
A exhausted B run C worn D rubbed
2 Write your answers in pencil, so you can out any
mistakes you make.
A wear B rub C throw D take
3 I tried to buy a copy of their latest record, but they'd
completely sold
A over B up C through D out
4 Look ! There's a car coming.
A up B down C over D out
5 If you red to yellow, you get orange.
A will add B add C added D would add
6 I wouldn't have bought you a hairdryer if you already
had one.
A I know B I would know C I would have known D I had known
7 If you a few years older, I'd let you go to the disco on
your own.
A are B were C would be D would have been
8 If we time we'll visit Sue and Rod on the way home.
A will have B have C had D would have
9 She said he couldn't go out on Saturday night he
helped his father wash the car.
A if B unless C provided D as long as
10 If I hadn't eaten all that chocolate, I so ill now.
A wouldn't have felt B hadn't felt
C wouldn't be feeling D didn't feel
11 in ink unless the examiner specifically tells you to
write in pencil.
A Write B You would write
C You would have written D You wrote
12 Our new dog is black with white
A claws B hooves C wings D paws
13 As the elephant walked along, he swung his from
side to side.
A beak B fin C trunk D hump

14 The lion when the keeper tried to make him go back
into his cage.
A barked B neighed C roared D mooed
15 I think it's time you and told him you think things
should be changed.
A put the cat among the pigeons B took the bull by the horns C killed two birds with one stone D got out of the rat race
16 Why did you and mention the party to Roger? It was
supposed to be a surprise.
A put the cat among the pigeons
B kill two birds with one stone C have kittens
D let the cat out of the bag
17 It must be true. I heard it straight from the mouth.
A cat's B dog's C camel's D horse's
18 I know you're upset about breaking up with Tony, but
there are plenty more
A horses in the stable B cows in the field C fish in the sea D tigers in the zoo
19 Half way up the mountain there was a where
climbers could stay over night.
A bungalow B bedsit C cottage D hut
20 They hurried to get the up before it got dark.
A hut B tent C caravan D bungalow
21 He lives in a little about thirty miles from the capital.
A suburb B city C town D village
22 He likes to spend his holidays lying on a beach and she
likes to spend hers walking in
A a country B some country C the country D country
23 Have you seen the exhibition at that new in the High
A stadium B theatre C cathedral D gallery
24 Competition from goods produced with cheaper labour
has meant that many have closed.
A markets B stadiums C factories D galleries
25 I've decided to build a around the garden so that the
dog can't get out.
A hedge B fence C patio D flowerbed
Key: Unit 13 test
1 C; 2 B; 3 D; 4 D; 5 B; 6 D; 7 B; 8 B; 9 B; 10 C; 11 A; 12 D; 13 C; 14 C; 15 B; 16 D; 17 D; 18 C; 19 D; 20 B;
21 D; 22 C; 23 D; 24 C; 25 B

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