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Vocabulary Test

A Put the correct form of one of these key verbs in the gaps.
Have get give set take
1 They ……………. John the sack for stealing money
from the company.
2 Yesterday it me nearly an hour to get to
3 Usually I just.
. a sandwich and a cup of
coffee for my lunch.
4 My sister and her boyfriend have decided to
married next April.
5 Dave accidentally light to his newspaper
When he dropped his cigarette.
B Match a beginning 6-10 with an ending a-e, paying careful attention to the meaning of the phrasal verbs.
6 I've been feeling ill for nearly a week.
7 Although I live in England now,
8 We thought we had enough money to last the
whole holiday
9 My mother often asks me when I'm going to settle
10 We saw a crowd of people at the end of the street,
a but actually we got through most of it in the first
b and get a steady job. c I think it's something I picked up while I was on
d so we went to see what was going on.
e I grew up in Australia.
C Which shop would you buy these items from?
I1 sugar, biscuits, butter
12 medicine, tablets, bandages
13 a flight to London, a rail ticket to
Edinburgh, a holiday in Crete
14 steak, chops, sausages
15 apples, carrots, lettuce
16 tools, knives, keys
17 envelopes, paper, pencils
18 chocolate, chewing gum
19 rolls, cakes, bread
20 cod, prawns, crabs
D Fill the gaps in these sentences with the correct form of one of the verbs below. Use each of these verb tenses or forms at least once.
past simple / present continuous / present simple / tend to / used to / would
complain do eat go have leave start think wash work
21 A hundred years ago many people
f or 15 hours a day.
22 My grandfather home at 6 o'clock
in the morning and not return until 10 at night.
23/24/25 When he got home he always
something, and
. straight to bed.
26 Today very few people………. more than
about ten hours' work a day.
27 Most of us work at 9 am and
finish between 5 and 6 pm.
28 We often at least an hour's break
at lunchtime.
. about
29 Despite such a short day we.
having too much to do.
30 We hardly ever.
. about what things
were like for our grandparents.
E Choose the correct verb in these sentences.
31 I lived in Africa for nearly five years but I never got
used to l was never used to the heat.
32 l got used to smoking /1 used to.smoke, but I gave up
nearly three years ago.
33 Even though my parents are in their eighties they
are used to looking after themselves / they used to look
after themselves.
34 Foreigners get/ are used to driving on the left quite
quickly when they come to England.
3 5 Where did you use to live / were you used to living before you moved to New York?
F Fill the gaps in the following sentences with a suitable preposition.
36 My parents live the tenth floor of an
apartment block in the centre of Manchester.
37 When I retire F d like to live in a bungalow
the sea.
38 Hanwich is a small port the east coast of
39 These days more and more people live
the suburbs of large cities.
40 When I w as a child I spent every holiday .
the seaside.

1gave /have given
2 took
4 get
5 set
6 c
7 e
8 a
9 b
10 d
11 grocer’s
12 chemist’s
13 travel agent’s
14 butcher’s
16 ironmonger’s
17 stationer’s
19 baker’s
21would work / used to work
22 used to leave/ would leave
23 ate
24 washed
25 went
26 do
27 tend to start / start
28 have
29 are always complaining / tend to complain
30 think
31 never got used to
32 I used to smoke
33 they are used to looking after themselves
34 get
35 did you use to live
36 on
37 by
38 on
39 in
40 at

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