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Word Formation-Error Correction 2

3 Word formation
Fill in the gaps in the following text with the correct form of the words in capital letters at the end of each line.
Since my brother has been (1) he has become EMPLOY
more and more (2) I suppose it's because he FORGET
doesn't have to be so (3) He doesn't have SYSTEM
the same (4) routine as the rest of the family. We DAY
all get up early, (5) before 7 a.m., shower, have PREFER
a (6) breakfast and leave for work or school HEALTH
before my brother gets up. We try to be (7) TOLERATE
of his (8) but it's not always easy. Of course we BEHAVE
all feel very (9) towards him, because it's SYMPATHY
not his fault that most of the (10) at the TECHNOLOGY
factory lost their jobs.
4 Error correction
Read the following text and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct and some have an extra incorrect word which should not be there. If a line is correct, put a (/) at the end of it. If there is a word that should not be there, circle it.
1 Despite of being very tired I went on working until
2 the midnight. I had to finish the story and have it on
3 the editor's desk by morning. I was certain no other
4 journalist had to got hold of the story or not the whole
5 story anyway. Jack had told me he would wait for my
6 story because of it would be an exclusive. I was worried
7 that if I have used real names that there might be trouble
8 later but in the end I decided to include them. After all
9 the journalism is all about giving the public information
10 and that includes the names of all those involved in the

5 Open cloze
Fill in the gaps in the following text with an appropriate word.
Modern banks make life easier for their customers all the
time. Instead of (1) into the bank to cash a (2) you
can use the cash machines. These machines (3)
conveniently placed outside the bank so you can use them
when the banks are (4) You can withdraw (5) ask
the bank to send (6) a statement and put money into
your (7) all by simply pressing a (8)
Of course if you (9) overdrawn, you won't be able to
(10) any money out until you talk (11) your bank
manager. If you are earning a reasonable (12) the
manager will generally (13) you have credit. If however,
you are (14) debt or if you (15) a mortgage, the
manager might (16) 'no'. In this situation it is very useful
to have a (17) card such as 'Visa' or 'American Express'.
You can use the card to (18) for goods and services.
Nowadays these cards are (19) in most shops.
restaurants and hotels. You usually pay for what you have
(20) with the card

3 (1) unemployed (2)forgetful (3) systematic (4) daily
(5) preferably (6) healthy (7) tolerant (8) behaviour
(9) sympathetic (10) technicians
4 line 7 –Despite of
line 2 - the midnight
line 4 - had to
line 6 - because of line 7 I have
line9 the journalism .
5 1 going 2 cheque 3 are 4 closed 5 money/cash 6 you 7 account 8 button 9 are 10 take 11 to 12 salary 13 let 14 In 15 have 16 say 17 credit 18 pay 19 accepted 20 bought

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