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Choose The Best Alternative 2

Unit 2 test
Choose the best alternative to fill the gap in each of the following sentences.
1 l forgot my keys and l had to get the to let me into
the building.
A bookmaker B stockbroker C undertaker D caretaker
2 He works as a at a nightclub in town.
A bouncer B lifeguard C referee D wrestler
3 we'll have to get a l can't turn this tap off.
A miner B plumber C surgeon D undertaker
4 He hired a to try to follow her everywhere she went.
A traffic warden B caretaker C lifeguard
D private investigator
5 a minute! There's no need to hurry.
A Keep on B Hold on C Go on D Carry on
6 My cousin with us f or a few days next week.
A stays B is staying C has stayed D stayed
7 l think l fatter. These trousers are really tight.
A get B got C will get D am getting
8 As soon as he home he makes himself an enormous
A will get B does get C is getting D gets
9 The planets around the sun.
A revolve B are revolving C will revolve D revolved
10 l you a story unless you promise to go to bed right
this minute.
A will tell B am telling C won't tell D didn’t tell
11 If you him, say 'hello' from me.
A will see B see C won’t see D seeing
12 Do you get a Christmas vvhere you vvork?
A salary B pension C bonus D commission
13 They closed the factory and hundreds of workers
A were retired B were made redundant
C were sacked D were resigned

14 in many countries people do not get any money at all
from the government if they are
A employed B qualified C skilled D unemployed
15 is just as important as good qualifications.
A Experiences B Experiment C Experiments D Experience
16 How much do teachers in your country?
A win B gain C earn D pay
17 The called all the workers out on strike.
A syndicates B employers C trade unions D employees
18 l saw an interesting for tourist guides in the
Newspaper this morning.
A advertising B announce C advertisement D publicity
19 So many people the job that they could only
interview half of them.
A applied for B asked C solicited D applied
20 l look forward to from you in the near future.
A hear B hearing C heard D hears
21 Do you want to have a of table tennis this
A match B round C game D play
22 Can you lend me your ? I want to play golf this
A bats B sticks C clubs D rackets
23 There was almost a riot when the gave him a red
card and sent him off two minutes after the match started.
A linesman B umpire C arbitrator D referee
24 l'd never played volleyball before and l could barely get
the ball over the
A pitch B ring C net D set
25 you taste it to see if it needs more salt and pepper.
A Finally B in the end C At the end D Last

Key: Unit 2 test
1 D; 2 A; 3 B; 4 D; 5 B; 6 B; 7 D; 8 D; 9 A; 10 C; 11 B; 12 C; 13 B; 14 D; 15 D; 16 C; 17 C; 18 C; 19 A; 20 B; 21 C; 22 C; 23 D; 24 C; 25 A

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