11 Ekim 2009 Pazar

Doğru Alternatifleri Seçme Testi

 Choose the right alternative.
1 Everything is going well. We didn't have/ haven't had any problems so far.(haven't had is right)
2 Margaret didn't go / hasn't gone to work yesterday. She wasn't feeling well.
3 Look! That man over there wears /is wearing )the same sweater as you.
4 Your son is much taller than when I last saw him. He grew / has grown a lot.
5 I still don't know what to do. I didn't decide / haven't decided yet.
6 I wonder why Jim is / is being so nice to me today. He isn't usually like that.
7 Jane had a book open in front of her but she didn't read / wasn't reading it.
8 I wasn't very busy. I didn't have / wasn't having much to do.
9 Mary wasn't happy in her new job at first but she begins /is beginning to enjoy it now.

10 After leaving school, Tim found / has found it very difficult to get a job.
11 When Sue heard the news, she wasn't / hasn't been very pleased.
12 This is a nice restaurant, isn't it? Is this the first time you are / you've been here?
13 1 need a new job. I'm doing / I've been doing the same job for too long.
14 'Ann has gone out.' 'Oh, has she? What time did she go / has she gone?'
15 'You look tired.' 'Yes, I've played / I've been playing basketball.'
16 Where are you coming / do you come from?Are you American?
17 I'd like to see Tina again. It's a long time since l saw her / that I didn't see her.
18 Bob and Alice have been married since 20 years / for 20 years.
2 didn't go 7 wasn't reading 13 I've been doing
3 is wearing 8 didn't have 14 did she go
4 has grown 9 is beginning I5 I've been playing
5 haven't decided 10 found 16 do you come
6 is being 11 wasn't 17 since I saw her
12 you've been 18 for 20 years

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