11 Ekim 2009 Pazar


: telaffuz: /mast/ anlamı: (-meli, -malı)

1- must ile insanlara ne yapmaları gerektiğini söyleriz.
You must pay the bill before you leave the restaurant.
You must visit the art gallery. The paintings are wonderful there.

2- Kendimiz için faydalı ve gerekli olan şeyleri anlatırız.
I must study lesson now.
We must invest some money.
We must buy some milk at the supermarket.

: telaffuz: /masınt/ anlamı: (-memeli, -mamalı)

1- mustn't ile insanlara ne yapmamaları gerektiğini söyleriz.
You mustn't tell lies.
You mustn't be late for school.
You mustn't eat food in the class.

2- şimdiki ve gelecekle ilgili ifadeler için kullanırız.
I am so tired. I must go to bed and sleep..
You must take your umbrella tomorrow.
We must go on holiday next month.

EXERCISES - select “must or mustn't”

1- I call Mary. I haven't spoken to her for a week.

2- You cross the street when the traffic light is red.

3- We stay here, we must go to station, we are late.

4- You forget your umbrella. It's going to rain.

5- You play well because it is an important match for us.
6- We work harder. The exam is next week.

FILL IN THE BLANKS with must/mustn't + verb in the table below.
forget go listen
clean ask finish

1- I my homework tonight. We will have exam tomorrow.

2- You to the concert without a ticket.

3- We the house. It is very dirty.

4- We a person about the direction or we will lose our way.
5- You your gloves. It is very cold outsite.

6- You to the teacher or you won't understand.

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