11 Ekim 2009 Pazar

Past Continuous Tense

Past Continuous
action in the middle of happening at a stated past time
 He was playing tennis at 4.30 yesterday.
past action in progress interrupted by another past action. The longer action is in the Past Continuous, the shorter action is in the Past Simple.
 While I was get¬ting dressed the bell rang.
two or more simultaneous past actions
 While I was sunbathing, Tim was swimming.
or background description to events in a story
 She was flying to Paris.
 The sun was shining...
Past Perfect
past action which occurred before another action or before a stated past time
 He had left by the time I got there, (or by 8.15)
complete past action which had visible results in the past
 She was sad because she had failed the test.
the Past Perfect is the past equivalent of the Present Perfect
 (He can't find his watch He has lost it) He couldn't find his watch. He had lost it.

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