11 Ekim 2009 Pazar


1. Your friend Fred wants to invite Mary to the cinema tomorrow. But you know Mary has agreed to go with Pete. So you tell Fred -
"Actually, I think Mary is going with Pete."
"In fact, Mary will go with Pete."
Pete will have gone with Mary."
Sorry, Pete goes with Mary tomorrow."

Look at the sentences below. What are the best words to put into the gap? When you have decided, click the button next to the words. When you have finished, check the answers
1. Why ....... to Spain for our holidays next year?
a. shall we go
b. don't we go
c. will we have gone
d. we are going
2. If you try to do that, you .... just make a mess.
a. shall to
b. will have
c. will
d. are going
3. Christmas ... on a Wednesday this year.
a. is
b. is going
c. is going to be
d. is being
4. When I ... in love, it will be forever.
a. will fall
b. am falling
c. shall fall
d. fall
5. You ... not tell me what to do about this - understand?
a. doing
b. are
c. will
d. shall to
6. He won't ... to pay - he's got no money!
a. going to be able
b. shall be able
c. being able
d. be able
7. I'll ask him about that next time I ... him.
a. see
b. am seeing
c. am going to see
d. will be seeing
8. What .... to do next?
a. will we
b. shall we
c. are we going
d. we are going

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