11 Ekim 2009 Pazar

Indirect Speech "dolaylı anlatım" 2

Put the following into indirect speech.
1 'I couldn't get into the house because I had lost my key, so I had to break a window,' he said.
2 'The mirror is there so that you can see yourself when you are dancing,' the instructress told him. ,
3 'I wrote to him the day before yesterday. I wonder why he hasn't rung up,' she said.
4 'If the ground is dry on the day of the race, my horse might win,' said the owner.
5 'You'd better slow down. There's a speed limit here,' she said to me, (Use advise.)
6 'If Turn wants seats, he'd better apply early,' she said.
7 'We walked 50 miles last night to see the Minister and protest about our rents being raised. He was very polite and promised to do what he could for us,' said one of the tenants.
8 'They should put traffic lights here, otherwise there'll be more accidents,' she said.
9 'It's time ve began training for our next match,' the coach said to them.
10 'If you leave home at six, you should be here by nine,' he said to me. 11 'If it rains this afternoon it will be too wet to play the match tomorrow,' the captain said.
12 'I meant to plug in the electric blanket but I plugged in the electric kettle by mistake. I'm always doing silly things like that,' she told her guest.
13 'I was intending to do it tomorrow,' he said, 'but now I don't think I'll be able to.'
14 'Mill should do very well at the university, Mrs Smith,' said the headmaster. 'He's done very well here,'
15 'I don't think your father likes me,' said the young wife.
'You mustn't think that,' said her husband; 'it is just that he is old and finds it hard to get used to new people.' (Leave mustn't unchanged.)
16 'The steak is overdone again. I'm not complaining; I'm just pointing it out,' said her husband.
'I wish you'd stop pointing things out,' said his wife.
17 'They couldn't open the safe on the spot so they carried it away with them,' the night watchman reported.
18 'If you saw my father, you'd recognize him at once. He is the most extraordinary-looking man,' she said to me.
19 'I found an old Roman coin in the garden yesterday,' he said, 'and I'm going to take it to the museum this afternoon.'
20 He said, 'I got out of my boat, leaving the engine running, but while I was standing on the quay the gears suddenly engaged themselves and the boat went straight out of the harbour with no one on board.'

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