11 Ekim 2009 Pazar

Mektup "doğru formları bul"

Hello Mum,

What a nice idea to give me a call.
I ___________________ (do) a language course here and I ________________________ (enjoy) every minute of it so far.
The family I _______________________ (stay with) are very nice, I ___________________ (learn) a lot of English already. It ______________________ (rain) for two days, but the weathermen _______________ (say) that the sun ______________________ (be) back tomorrow.
We __________________ (go) to London last weekend. When we ________________ (arrive) at Buckingham Palace they ______________________________(just change) the Guard. A band _________________________(play) and hundrets of people _____________________ (watch). Some of them _______________________ (wait) for hours to see this ceremony.
We also ___________________________ (visit) Madame Tussaud’s. It _______________ (be) very crowded, but our teachers __________________________ (book) tickets and we _________________________ (get in) quickly. When we __________________ (come) into one of the rooms one of the tourists __________________ (sleep) on a bench. We _____________________ (think) he __________________ (be) a wax figure, but he ______________ (be) a real man, who __________________( fall asleep).
Suddenly he _____________________ (wake up) and ____________________ (talk) to us. His name _______________________ (be) Tony Travelmaster.
Tonight we _______________________________ (have) a beach party at Palm Bay. My host family always _____________________ (go) to that beach, too.

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