11 Ekim 2009 Pazar

Put the verb in the correct tense

 In five of the sentences below the present perfect continuous is used inappropriately. Rewrite those sentences using an appropriate tense.
a) Bill has been having a few problems with his computer.
b) Good news! I've been having a pay rise.
c) Have they been having an argument?
d) He hasn't been having his birthday party yet.
e) He's been having a bad car crash.
f) I've been having enough of your stupid jokes.
g) She's been having a bit of a rest.
h) She's been having four children and she's expecting a fifth.
i) Some of these computer games have been having a very bad influence on him.

 Put the verb in the correct tense. Choose from the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous; or the Present Simple or Present Cont.
I _________________(learn) Italian for the past three years, but there's still a lot _______________(not understand).
a. A Oh dear! Look out of the window. It____________________(rain).
B Oh no. I____________________ (not bring) my umbrella.
b. My uncle____________________ (know) every¬ thing about roses. He____________________ (grow) them for 35 years. Now he____________________(try) to produce a blue one.
c. I (listen) to you for the past half an hour, but I'm afraid I____________________ (not understand) a word.
d. A What's the matter, Jane?
B I (read) in my room and the light isn't very good. I____________________ (have) a headache. It's really hurting.

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