12 Ekim 2009 Pazartesi

Put the adjectives into the correct order

Put the adjectives into the correct order
1. They're leather. They're big.
2. It's small. It's white.
3. It's old. It's attractive.
4. It's wooden. It's for the garden. It's expensive.
5. He sings in the opera. He's Italian. He's famous.

1. a small white car
2. an attractive old building
3. an expensive wooden garden seat
4. a famous Italian opera singer
5. big leather boots
Write a list of things to be sold at an auction.
1. vase / glass, old, lovely
2. mirror / wall, attractive
3. desk / modern, office
4. chairs / kitchen, red, metal
5. boat / model, splendid, old
6. stamps / postage, valuable, Australian
7. table / small, coffee, wooden
8. basin / sugar, antique, silver
1. a lovely old glass vase
2. an attractive wall mirror
3. a modern office desk
4. red metal kitchen chairs
5. a splendid old model boat
6. valuable Australian postage stamps
7. a small wooden coffee table
8. an antique silver sugar basin

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