12 Ekim 2009 Pazartesi

Write the information

Look at each advertisement and write the information in a single sentence.

1. This computer is for business. It's Japanese. And it's powerful.
2. This fire is electric. It's excellent. And it's small.
3. This is a chocolate bar. It's new. And it's a big bar.
4. This comedy is American. It's for television. And it's terrific.
5. These doors are aluminium. They're for your garage. And they're stylish.
6. These shoes are modern. They're for sports. And they're wonderful.
7. This phone is a mobile. It's German. And it's very good.
8. This game is new. It's for the family. And it's exciting. This is an exciting new family game.
1. This is a powerful Japanese business computer.
2. This is an excellent small electric fire.
3. This is a big new chocolate bar.
4. This is a terrific American television comedy.
5. These are stylish aluminium garage doors.
6. These are wonderful modern sports shoes.
7. This is a very good German mobile phone.
8. This is an exciting new family game.

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