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Simple past or Past progressive

 Put in the simple past or past progressive. Note where both forms are possible.
Mrs May, our District Nurse, (drive) 1 ..was driving….. home at 3 a.m. one night after an urgent visit to a sick patient. She (drive) 2 along a deserted country lane, when she (see) 3 a new kind of animal. She (stop) 4 her car and (get out) 5 The animal (be) 6 .".clearly visible in the blaze of her headlights. It (look) 7 like a hedgehog with a tall white hat. It (cross) 8 the road without paying any attention to Mrs May. When Mrs May (go) 9 close to it, she (notice)10 that there was a plastic yoghurt pot on the hedgehog's head. The poor creature had got its head stuck in the plastic pot! Her instincts as a nurse (tell) 11 her she would have to rescue it, so she (pull)12 at the pot, but the hedgehog (pull)13 , too. After a struggle, she (pull)14 the pot off the hedgehog's head. Mrs May (think) 15 the hedgehog (look) 16 rather sad, when she (notice)17 that the pot was half full of strawberry yoghurt. She (give)18 it back to the hedgehog. The creature (seize)
19 it, (put) 20 it on its head again, and triumphantly (continue) 21 its journey across the road.
Answer : 1 was driving 2 was driving 3 saw 4 stopped 5 got out 6 was 7 looked 8 was crossing/crossed 9 went 10 noticed 11 told 12 pulled 13 pulled 14 pulled 15 thought 16 looked/was looking 17 noticed 18 gave 19 seized 20 put 21 continued

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