11 Ekim 2009 Pazar

simple past perfect-past perfect progressive

 Supply the simple past perfect or the past perfect progressive.
1 We…had been cooking…all day for the party that evening and by 8 o'clock we still weren't ready, (cook)
2 John a beautiful meal for his guests and they all enjoyed it. (prepare)
3 I knew she the washing because the machine was still working when I got in. (do)
4 I knew she the washing because when I got in she was ready to go out. (do)
5 By 10 o'clock the children their homework and were ready to go to bed. (do)
6 The children r their homework and by 10 o'clock they still hadn't finished, (do)
Answer: 1 had been cooking 2 had prepared 3 had been doing 4 had done 5 had done 6 had been doing
 Supply the simple present perfect or the present perfect progressive.

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